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Adrenaline, Excitement, and Fear


There are so few World War II veterans left and anytime a chance is granted to be able to hear one of them speak, it is truly a blessing. The employees of TravisMathew were recently blessed with the opportunity to hear Pearl Harbor survivor and Navy flight engineer Jack Holder speak at the Headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA. Jack told us his story of how life took him from being a young farm boy in Gunter, Texas to finding himself “hunkered down behind a fortress of sandbags” as bombs fell all around him in Pearl Harbor during that devastating day on December 7, 1941. His journey through WWII would eventually take him to Midway, Guadalcanal, the English Channel and many other war scorched arenas of the world. With the inspiration and courage infused in him by his beloved girlfriend Ruth, Jack wrote a book detailing his true life story. His book is called “Adrenaline, Excitement, and Fear” and it can be found anywhere books are sold. Thanks Jack for sharing your story with us and for all you did and continue to do to serve this great country.

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