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Brash Tacks - Update from Travis Brasher


Well we are only a couple weeks away from opening our first TravisMathew Retail Store! The store design looks great and we can't wait to open the doors and share the vision of TravisMathew with you.

This last week I traveled to Austin, Texas to hang out and spend some time with TravisMathew ambassador and investor Andy Roddick. The week started with a trip to sixth street on Friday night (for those of you who have not been I highly suggest taking in some music and local bbq) where we saw Flogging Molly play at the world famous Stubbs concert venue. On Sunday Andy was nice enough to invite my wife and I to join him and his wife Brooklyn for the day. I played golf with Andy at his home course of Spanish Hills while the girls did their thing, not sure what that entails! That night Andy hosted his Golf Tournament Auction and Casino Night. A good time was had by all and as usual I went to bed way too late and had too much fun. Monday it was game time. Ryan Ellis our VP of sales and myself teamed up with our favorite customers (the CHIVES Leo and Doug) and set out to dominate Roddicks charity golf tournament. Thanks to some timely shots by all in the group we ended winnng by 5 which as you can imagine lead to some bitterness by Mr. Roddick in the award ceremony. All in all it was a great day as we got to spend time with our friends from the CHIVE and Golfsmith.

Tuesday morning I jumped in the Car and headed to San Antonio. Site of this weeks PGA event where TM players Charlie Hoffman, James Hahn, and John Mallinger are all competing. It was a fun day of walking with Mally during his practice round and exchanging some usual sarcasm with James and Charlie. Hopefully we will see all 3 of them in the final group Sunday!!! Now it is back to the real world of emails and office work. Always keep one thing in mind GOLF SUCKS… Till next time.

- Travis Brasher, CEO TravisMathew.

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