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Behind the Seams - Chris Rosaasen


It’s hard for me to believe I’ve been doing this crazy apparel thing for over 15 years now. It honestly seems like yesterday that I was headed to Asia on my first sourcing trip. Eyes wide open not knowing the adventure that was ahead. Well… years later that same adventure is still going.

For the last month I’ve been on a global production/sourcing trip with our COO (Sean Pence) and our VP of Production (Kristin Brun)

It’s been 20 days, 5 countries, 19 factories, and 8 fabric mills. We’ve eaten fear factor dinners, been lost multiple times, sat in countless hours of traffic that makes the 405 fwy in so cal seem like the autobahn, spent over 50 hours on planes, spent over 50 hours (ok not that long) sitting on the porcelain throne as a result of the fear factor dinners, been in the north of China where it was below freezing straight to Bangkok where it was over 100 and humid. It’s been an adventure and it always is. So I often get asked, why do all this crazy traveling? The answer is it’s done for you the end consumer. In order to stay ahead of our competition and provide you the best possible product it’s a must to travel to these factories and sit face to face with the staff and owners. We work with them on new concepts and designs. We have them show us new innovative ways to construct garments and the newest technology in fabrics. We strategize on how to shorten lead times. We work with them on consistent manufacturing quality. And most importantly we build solid relationships. The day we stop doing this is the day we raise the white flag and give up in this crazy apparel game.

I want to personally thank you for being a fan and supporting Travis Mathew. It’s your support that keeps the adventure alive and going and it’s my goal to never let it stop.

– Chris Rosaasen, Chief Creative Officer

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