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Behind the Seams - Miller


Interview with Joey Quirk Designer at TravisMathew.

Where did you pull your inspiration when designing the miller/Did you use any visuals that inspired you during this piece?
Inspiration came from the geometric paint jobs of the 60’s car culture. I've always loved how the hot rods of 1960's and 1970's encompassed racing stripes into their paint jobs.

Why do you like the miller/What stands out?
What really stands out on this piece is the fabric.  Our (Pima Cotton/Poly Blend) Performance Interlock is not only my favorite because of the comfort, but the heathered look gives a clean transition from the body into the stripes.  In addition, the straight cut/sew on the back, and the contrast inner collar stand are details that are subtle, yet bring the design together full circle.

When you picture this product being worn, where do you see the person wearing it?
The Miller can literally be worn anywhere. It looks casual with the right pair of denim, sporty on the golf course, vintage/surf with a pair of shorts (Hefner - Dawn), or fashion forward with pants in the office (Keeper – Rock Grey).  The key to making this polo so versatile is the color palette of the heathered fabric.

Get The Miller: HERE

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