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Behind the Seams - Imperfection is still perfection

February 18, 2014


I was cleaning out my garage one Saturday after running out of excuses to tell my wife why I couldn't do it. As I was going through potential trash and donation items I came across an old surfboard. I took it to the side of the house and rinsed it off. I live only a few blocks from the ocean so it didn't take much to convince me to take it down to the water. (I needed to see which pile it needed to go into: Trash or Keep; I would later tell my wife) As I sat on my the board waiting for a set of waves I noticed the cracks in the paint, I could recall almost every incident that was responsible for every ding on the board. At first glance the board was old, and if anyone else would have found the board it would have been thrown away.

A set off shore right barrels came in, I'd like to tell you I caught the best wave of my life that day but to be honest I was rusty as hell, and I only stood up once before getting laundered by a wave. I came back to the house and put the board in the keep pile. That night as I sat down at my desk I thought about the board and how the cracks in the paint gave the board  character- it was used, it was worn, it was unique, it was familiar, and it was mine. The Casta was born out of that afternoon. It's lines aren't perfect that's what makes it unique.

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