Belly Up

March 31, 2014


Leisure presents itself in many different ways, and in Solana Beach, Ca. music is just as much apart of the community as the surf and sand. Located off of Solana Beach's main streets you will find the legendary Belly Up.

Established in 1974, the Belly Up got it's name because the old guard of the time said a music venue would fail in Solana and there for go "belly up". Not only did this prove to not be true but the Belly Up became hosts to acts such as the Etta James, BB King, and played part into launching careers of the black eye peas, and AWOLnation.

Hung on the wall in the same tradition as a doctor's diplomas you'll see the historical journey of every band's poster bill. If the walls could talk is not the only thing you wish about this place, the atmosphere of the neighborhood is well represented with a life size stuffed great white that hangs above the bar.

For locals, it's a cool place to grab a beer and see a show, to the world it's a music icon either way, as always, we wish you were here!

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