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Best Ballpark Food Across MLB


If you’re like most guys, you’ve probably either embarked on or dreamed up the perfect vacation of touring most, if not all, of the Major League Baseball ballparks across the country. And if you’re heading the park, you’re going to need to eat…how else are you going to maintain that Dad Bod of yours? We took an office pool of the top tastes across the league – all 30 teams accounted for between surveyed TravisMathew employees! – and give you the best bites in baseball.

Dodger Dog – Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers)

North-siders will say a classic Chicago-style hot dog inside Wrigley Field is the quintessential weiner, but we are mostly Dodgers fans and this is our list, so we’re picking this oversized dog in the grilled variety. Sorry, Red Sox fans, the Fenway Frank just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Brisket Mac & Cheese Balls – Globe Life Park (Texas Rangers)

Take some famous Texas smoked brisket, mix in some mac and cheese, roll ‘em up then deep fry. Say. No. More.

The Parmageddon – Progressive Field (Cleveland Indians)

If a grilled cheese sandwich was on PEDs, this would be the result: gooey cheese stuffed with a potato-and-onion pierogi and cider vodka sauerkraut. We believe this is the greatest baseball contribution from Cleveland since Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn.

Campo’s Cheesesteak – Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)

While the real Philly cheesesteak rivalry is between Pat’s and Geno’s, inside Citizens Bank Park, you’re either Team Tony Luke’s or a Campo’s guy. We hear Campo’s is the way to go…don’t forget to top the sandwich of with good ol’ Wiz.

Chesapeake Fries – Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles)

French fries are great. Waffle fries covered in mounds of fresh crab and Old Bay spice are even better. You can’t get much more Maryland than this.

Burnt End Basket – Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals)

Kansas City BBQ is legit, so you can’t go wrong with ribs or pulled-pork. We suggest stopping by Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque for a basket of smoky, charred chunks of meat. Our mouth is watering as we type this.

Crazy Crab’z Sandwich – AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants)

If heaps of fresh Dungeness crab stuffed between slices of buttered, Bay Area-grilled sourdough doesn’t do it for you, you might not have a pulse. Or worse yet, you could be a Giants fan. #GoDodgers

Oaxacan Chapulines – Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners)

Pro tip: it’s a fancy way of saying ‘toasted grasshoppers.’ Don’t cringe…this crunchy and salty with a zesty chili lime seasoning classic Mexican snack is a bestseller in Seattle.

Local Seafood – Various Ballparks

You can’t go wrong with the ceviche at Marlins Park or the ahi poke tacos down in San Diego at PETCO Park. These seaside stadiums know a thing or two about fish.

Cheese Curds – Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers)

This classic Midwest fare edged out bratwurst. We hear the curds at Target Field in Minnesota are just as good. When in Rome…

Fuku Chicken Sandwich – Citi Field (New York Mets)

Full disclosure: We’re HUGE fans of chef David Chang and we’d put this item at the top of our list if we knew we could get him into some TravisMathew gear. That said, Chang’s Momofuku family of restaurants are world-class and his spicy chicken sandwich helped him earn two Michelin stars, so it has to be good. Bad news is you have to watch the Mets while trying to digest it.

Sausage Poutine – Rogers Centre (Toronto Blue Jays)

We didn’t want any hate mail from our neighbors to the north, so we had to include the iconic Canadian dish. Options at the stadium range from Jerk Chicken Poutine to Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine, but insiders say the Liberty Village peameal bacon sausage variety is the way to go.

Churro Dog – Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks)

After all these main course offerings, why not try the best ballpark dessert? While we love an old-fashioned ice cream sundae inside a plastic batting helmet, we recommend heading to Phoenix to take on the Churro Dog: a glazed donut cut into a bun, filled with a crispy churro, chocolate sauce, three scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and topped with a chocolate caramel drizzle. This is the Babe Ruth of stadium sweets.

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