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One step for us, one giant leap for menswear


On Tuesday April 15, 2014 TravisMathew opened its first retail store in Newport Beach's world famous Fashion Island Retail Center.

“We are looking forward to finally having the opportunity to share the entire TravisMathew vision and product range with the public. There is no substitute for getting direct feedback from your customers and this store will finally allow us to do that.” Travis Brasher, CEO of TravisMathew explains of the store.

The journey of the store has been a long one for many people involved and Chris Rosaasen the Chief Creative Officer explains "The building of the retail store has been a interesting journey. Until today it had been a vision in my head and images on paper. With the doors now open and the store operational the vision has come to life. The goal was to create an environment where "Travis Mathew" would spend his time. Since no one knows who "Travis Mathew" is, it's nice to give them an idea of what his home looks like. Because design is so subjective everyone will have their own opinion of what the store looks like and what it stands for. And that's what I love about design. I'm excited for our customers and fans to come see the store and receive feedback."

At the end of the day, we are excited to be able to share more of the TravisMathew lifestyle and experience with you, our fans, and customers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have in creating it.

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