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El Niño Survival Guide


Bear down, winter is coming - which for us Californians means it’s time for a long sleeve and maybe a light jacket. So spoiled. At a time when most people are staying indoors and canceling plans, we still find ourselves outside, out on the town, or on the green. A breeze and a cold bite in the air won’t stop us from having a backyard bonfire or a barbeque on the beach. That’s the life. Sorry for being awesome.

For the past few months, Californians have been wining about the drought. Well, with the apparent El Nino about to hit Southern California, it’s time to stop crying and start hosing down those lawns… during the rain. It’s time for 20 minute showers and washing your dishes twice. Winter is here. Let the good times roll.

Pictured: El Niño Collection

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