Weekend in the City

February 28, 2013


Weekend in the city with TravisMathew.

OG Polo in Aurora Yellow - http://bit.ly/15TOWrb
Roy Cardigan in Grey - http://bit.ly/Xdp3iR
Idustrial Beanie in Dark Grey - http://bit.ly/WPffI1
TravisMathew X AG Classic Straight Leg Jeans - http://bit.ly/V5csN5
Raiders Slip-On in Black - http://bit.ly/XJ7N1F
Icon Buckle in Shiny Nickel - http://bit.ly/YRV8Pr
Johnny5 Incipio iPhone case in greige - http://bit.ly/TTaYVb
Ipad in white by Apple
Macbook in silver by Apple
Headphones in black by Skull Candy

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