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Five Tips for Guys to Survive Black Friday




You know Black Friday, that dreaded day after Thanksgiving when shoppers go buck wild for specials and deals for the holidays, all the while you are still trying to digest your turkey dinner and second helping of pumpkin pie you really didn’t need.

The term “Black Friday” originated because businesses would like turn a profit for the year because of the increase in sales, thus going from “in the red” to “in the black.” But it could be called Black Friday because it’s a day all us guys dread if we’re assigned to tag along with the wife or girlfriend and shop amongst the masses. If you are so unlucky this year, we’ve come up with ways to survive the day and make the most of your Black Friday.

Dress For the Black Friday You Want

Throw on those joggers or gym shorts and lace up your cross-training sneakers. When you leave the house at 4:00 AM, you should look like you’re going to your morning workout, because you’re going to get a workout. Nothing is worse than a long day in lines wearing dress shoes or running thru aisle in jeans. Pro tip: Dress like a store employee and go with the Trojan Horse strategy. Rocking a royal blue polo and khaki pants at Best Buy could get you special access during the chaos and who knows, you may land an employee discount.

Game Plan the Hell Out of It

You are shopping amongst the crème de la crème, the most savvy bargain finders alive, but also with clueless people who can screw up your entire day with their blasé attitude. Do your research and find out floorplans of stores, establish your best parking lot strategy, team up with your significant other (DO NO split up and try to cover more ground as individuals), and make sure you have the pace of a bona fide Power Shopper. Don’t forget to pack snacks…you will get hangry.

Early Bird Gets the iPhone X

We hate early wake-up calls as much as you do, but Black Friday is an exception. You can never get to the mall early enough. Don’t let that snooze button ruin your chance at a somewhat sane shopping experience. We don’t advocate the madness of spending the night camped outside the store, just make sure you’re not getting into your car at 9 AM heading out thinking you’ve got a chance at surviving the day.


Survival of the Fittest

Warning: Black Friday shopping is a contact sport. Be prepared to throw ‘bows and use your shopping cart(s) as if you were a gladiator fighting for your life in Ben Hur. With limited supplies and crazy crowds, patience will run thin for you and your fellow shoppers, so it could get ugly. Just be ready to hold your ground all day and don’t lose your cool. We highly suggest you leave the kids and grandma in her motorized wheelchair at home. You don’t need them slowing you down and complaining 45 minutes into the shopping experience.

Stay at home in your pajamas and shop TravisMathew.com

If walking up early, fighting crowds and blowing your entire Friday at a mall sounds like a pain, we don’t blame you. Sleep in, lounge in around the house and go bananas at travismathew.com, where you can find everything you need for your dad, son, brother-in-law, boss, and parole officer.

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