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Five Tips to Survive Black Friday With Your Man




Ladies, Black Friday is right around the corner and for some of you, this is your Super Bowl. It’s a chance to show off those savvy shopping skills, tackle a gift list a mile long in one day and maybe find a bargain or two for yourself. One problem: You’ve decided to enroll your husband, boyfriend, brother, etc. into helping you.

Bringing along an inexperienced sidekick on Black Friday – especially when it comes to us guys and our three-second attention spans – could spell disaster, but we have five tips to make sure both you and your significant other shopping companion survive and make the most of your Black Friday experience.

Game Plan Like You’ve Never Game Planned Before

You probably experience a Black Friday or two before but nothing can prepare you when you have to babysit the boyfriend or hubby. Men generally have extremely short attention spans and will most likely slow you down with all the craziness around. The more prepared you are – including running down the days plan of attack with your significant other – will most definitely pay off.

Survival of the Fittest

Warning: Black Friday shopping is a contact sport. Be prepared to throw ‘bows and use your shopping cart(s) as if you were a gladiator fighting for your life in Ben Hur. With limited supplies and crazy crowds, patience will run thin for you and your fellow shoppers, so it could get ugly. Let your male co-shopper re-live his high school football days and lay a few blocks to clear your path if needed.

Go In With Fully Charged iPhone

You and your man are best served starting the shopping day with your batteries at 100%. You’ll be burning data checking emails with gift suggestions and wishlists while he listens to his podcasts or is texting his buddies on how he got suckered into shopping with you. Make sure you have some battery in reserve in case the hubby happens to wander off to Cinnabon and you need to call or text him for his coordinates.


Dress For the Black Friday You Want

Throw on those yoga pants and lace up your cross-training sneakers. You’re not here to look great, you’re here to kick some butt and feel athletic. Make sure your man dresses the part too. He’s in for a workout and he best be dressed for the part.

Stay at home in your pajamas and shop TravisMathew.com

If walking up early, fighting crowds and blowing your entire Friday at a mall sounds like a pain, we don’t blame you...it is! So sleep in, lounge in around the house and go bananas at travismathew.com, where you can find everything you need for your hubby, boyfriend, dad, son or favorite TravisMathew blogger.

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