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The Real Definition of Concession


Things are just done differently at the Masters, but one thing that sticks out to us is their outrageous concession prices. Who do the members of Augusta National think they are charging such prices?

A Sandwich at the XLVIII Super Bowl cost around $13.00 and a cold brew to wash it down will set you back a cool $12.00. So what can you expect at Augusta? You can go ahead and hang up on your local bank there is no need to finance these snacks. A sandwich at the Masters will only cost you $1.50. (Take a moment, yeup you read that right.) Oh yeah, and that draft $3.00.

So when the most notoriously exclusive club in America opens its gates once a year and lets Joe's like us walk the grounds don't forget while you may not be able to dine on their pristine greens the week following, they are not there to gouge you while you're enjoying the most famous tournament of the year. (They did that already with the ticket prices)

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