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Pull out your luggage and dust off that passport…you’ve worked hard this year and now that it’s summer, cash in those well-earned vacation hours and plan an exotic getaway. We have the best travel tips and tropical hot spots from all over the globe.


Cahuita, Costa Rica

While Guanacaste or Puerto Viejo tend to be more popular favorite vacation destinations, give us Cahuita, the tiny beach town just north of Puerto Viejo. We dig the younger bohemian vibe with the backpackers and surf bums that tend to enjoy this tropical paradise. The night life ain’t too shabby, as well.


Kaua’i, Hawaii

Known as the Garden Isle for a good reason, this Hawaiian island is nearly entirely covered in lush, green mountains. Head to the Nāpali Coast for amazing snorkeling, waterfalls and hiking. Or bring the surfboard to Hanalei Bay to catch some waves…just make sure not to piss off the locals.


South Ari Atoll, Maldives

To be quite honest, we haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Maldives. Then again, we’ve never been to outer space either and we’re pretty sure it’s cool there too. From what we gather, it sounds like staying at a water bungalow is the key and spending the summer exploring lagoons and private beaches.


Beqa Island, Fiji

Who hasn’t wanted to cross off “fire walking” off their bucket list? If that’s not your type of thing, maybe you’re down with the Beqa Lagoon, home to over 100 dive sites, where you’ll likely spot seahorses, eels, and schools of exotic fish amongst the soft coral reef.


Tulum, Mexico

It seems half of the TravisMathew offices have recently visiting this destination hot spot. Leave Cancun to the spring break college kids and up your tropical game. Expect to relax when you visit this laid-back haven, from sweat lodges to yoga sessions on surf boards. After a day of seeing Mayan ruins, make it a point to try some of the amazing cuisine found in the restaurants off the main boulevard.


Bora Bora, Tahiti

Top of the list if you ever make it to this small island: swim with sharks. Yes, that’s what we said. From waist-deep to dives up to 30 meters deep, you’ll be able to see and swim with a variety of sharks in these crystal clear waters. At the end of the day we recommend taking down a few Hinanos, the local beer.


Phuket, Thailand

Although it’s one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, there’s still some beaches that very few experience. It takes a long, steep trail to get to Laem Singh but it’s well worth it and Kata Noi is the very definition of tropical: white sand beaches, clear blue waters, peace and quiet aside from the gentle crashing of waves.


Fitzroy Island, Australia

If pristine coral beaches, walkable rainforests and world-class snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef is your kind of thing (and why wouldn’t it be?), then this remote island is the place for you. Spend a day on Fitzroy and you’ll see fewer people than at a Cleveland Browns game.

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