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But all of my friends are competing in NEW tournaments!


It's fitting that Honda would pick it's tournament to mirror the experience of driving one of its classic models. Just as it is with no air-conditioning and crank down windows the PGA Resort Course in North Palm Beach County will be guaranteed to be humid with a light breeze. No classic Honda would be complete without some sort of obstacles whether it be a fidgety starter, a door that won't open, or maybe a chair that snaps into place too fast from the reclined position. The Players course will offer its unique hazards as well, but these hazards usually stay in the ponds and will snap off your hand if your try and retrieve your ball.

Just like a Honda there is one thing that we know, it's a classic for a reason- reliably one of the best tournaments and we welcome it as a necessity. This year our players Chris Kirk, James Hahn, and Matt Jones will be competing in the best hand-me-down Tournaments...The Honda Classic.

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