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Man Skills - No Cleats Allowed.


The weather is getting warmer and that means summer is coming. It won't be long before you get that inevitable invitation: one of your buddies asks if you want to go out on his boat for the day.

There are a number of skills that all men should have, it should be assumed that if you see another man walking down the street you two have the same understanding of how to do fundamental things. In celebration of summer we thought it would be a good time to make sure everyone is up to par on how to make a simple Cleat Knot.

Sure, being out on a boat is a summer staple, and when it comes to fitting in on the open waters of your local lake it's easy to wave at other boaters, and you can even uphold your title as the "king of the inner tube" but when it comes to helping dock the boat don't be left looking like an idiot when a line (rope) is tossed your way in to help securing the boat.

Step 1. - Take a turn around the base of the cleat, and then bring the line over the top of the cleat.

Step 2. - Wrap the line back under the arm of the cleat opposite the first turn, then back over the top of the cleat.

Step 3. - Wrap under the first arm a 2nd time and then back over the top of the cleat. You have now made a figure eight pattern over and around the cleat. Now form an under hand loop and slip that loop over the arm of the cleat, which pins the free end under the last wrap.

Make sure your knot it both clean and tight. No clean up your junk and empty cans you slob this isn't your boat. And next time bring your own towel.

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