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Man Tips...BBQ


Men, summer is here and that means the outdoors is calling your name! Your weekends will now be filled with man-chores such as mowing the lawn, putting the boat back into the lake, and of course re-claiming your title as the King of the Grill.

We believe there are skills that every man should have. How to successfully BBQ is Man-Skills 101. Follow these tips and you'll do just fine.

1.) Gas vs. Charcoal - It's the age-old question and a debate that will surely not be settled here. For those of you who still have not chosen what side of the fence you stand, let us provide our thoughts.
Gas - So the wife has told you she invited your in-laws, neighbors, community group, softball team, and her 10-year high school reunion over for a BBQ. You are just finding out about it and they should be here any minute. The good thing about a gas grill is that you can fire it up (as long as you remembered to refill the propane) and start cranking burgers faster than a Bob's Big Boy.
Charcoal - So you're a fan a flavor, huh? While this method may not lend itself to the novice, perfecting a char-grill can be one of the most rewarding feats since man’s discovery of the wheel. Charcoal grilling is a skilled process and takes time to master. From controlling your heat to typically having a smaller cooking surface area, the char-grill definitely has limitations. Once the timing of your char-grill is perfected you'll be ready for step number two.

2.) Choose your meats wisely - Quality is the name of this game, but in all honesty tip number three may compensate for any limitations of this step. Those who truly disrespect themselves and the art of the grill will head straight to the frozen patty section. These people, in our opinion, should not be trusted and I would check your wife’s jewelry drawer after they leave. If your weekend outfit consists mainly of cargo shorts and oversize Hawaiian shirts then the grocery store pre-packaged burger meat might be a suitable option for you. When it comes to the King, the master of the grill, you won’t find his meats with freezer burn. And don't think for one second that another man ground up his beef. No, you'll find the Sultan of Flavor at the local butcher picking out an assortment of chuck, sirloin, and untrimmed brisket. Stay tuned for a follow up blog on how to prepare your meat (Hint: Stop squishing your meat, you're not doing any favors)

3.) Spices/Marination - Now this is where I tend to turn from the traditional debate. I've created a burger using a marinade that has received raving reviews. There was even a standing ovation recorded in the summer of 2007. So I will leave this tip up to you, however I will say spice light and marinate smart.

4.) Cook Smart - The most common mistake for cooking burgers is lower heat and longer cook time. High heat and quick cook times are the secret to the perfect juicy burger. Four minutes on each side will be plenty unless you are considering cheese. Then three minutes on the cheese side will be sufficient whilst the cheese melts. Be sure to let your burgers (or any meat) “rest” after removing them from the grill. Put them on a plate, let them sit for a few minutes, then transfer to the bun. This allows the meat to soak up all the juices and flavor attempting to leak out during the cooking process.

4.) The Buns - What separates the boys from the men is all in the buns (that didn't come out right.) Putting a light garlic spread and lightly toasting your bun will turn a good burger into the best burger in the cul-de-sac.

Do not fear, summer is upon us and the BBQ season is yours for the taking. It never hurts to look the part either and our Summer Tee is the perfect condiment to your fresh grill attire.

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