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The aroma of wood can be detected from the parking lot, the shop's facade is inconspicuous and the interior is a blend of organized chaos and meticulous order. Hanging on the walls are blueprints for guitars with markings and notes on how to make improvements. "This is from Clapton, he wanted Blackie to be very specific and wanted the fretboard to feel identical to his old favorite [guitar] Brownie,” explains the man who owns the shop as he points to a hand-drawn sketch the two made together back in 1970.

The man in the shop is Ted Newman Jones, a craftsman in Austin, Texas. His name is not widely known and his face has never been on a magazine cover, but talk to the most iconic names in rock and roll history and his name is legendary.

Give me five minutes and I'll make any guitar sound the same. Give me ten minutes and I'll make sure I'm reaching for one of my Newman-Jones. -Keith Richards

Ted looks as if he could give you precise directions to any biker bar within a ten mile radius yet he is soft spoken and polite when he speaks. He starts to tell me of one of his biggest fans.

Keith was specific about playing a five string, I think most people associate me with my work with Keith Richards' five string, but I've made several guitars for Dylan, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Ely Jones and scores of others.

You would think a man who had so much influence on the rock and roll scene would be excited when he mentions some of the legends that he has made instruments for, but the real excitement is visible when he begins talking about the product and materials used.

Everything counts when you are making an electric guitar, while the wood preference is all about durability. The Stones loved my guitars in the studio but only take about six (out of sixty) on the road because of how much wear and tear happens. I've repaired a few of Jagger’s and Keith's a handful of times. I take everything into account from the artist, from the preferred brand of strings to the amps that will be used. I may not be the fastest guitar builder, but that's not my business.

At TravisMathew we can relate to Ted. While we are also fortunate to have celebrities and athletes support our brand and have a devoted fan base who love all things TravisMathew, it's the attention to detail and the obsession of fabric and quality of our product that we believe separates us from other brands. The TravisMathew Fall '14 "Life on Tour - El Rey Collection" draws inspiration from life on the road and we believe it best showcases our attention to detail and love of quality.

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