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Introducing the Weekend Collection


You hate watching the clock but it’s hard not to as the anticipation grows for this weekend. You and the boys are headed out of town to see some sites and maybe stir up some trouble. What kind of stories will come about from this trip? Maybe some that will remain unmentionable. What really matters is it’s time for the weekend and for the adventures to begin!

Whether your plan is to keep things mellow or to create a little chaos, TravisMathew is game. Grab our duffle bag or backpack and load it up with some fresh TravisMathew gear. Doesn’t matter if you plan on playing a few holes and then hitting the bars or keeping it pool side and seeing what new friends are made, we’ve got you covered. Let us worry about keeping your style on point, you worry about the next beverage you’re going to order.

Pictured: Weekend Collection

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