James Hahn - Most Likely to win a Noble Peace Prize

January 3, 2014


Name: James Hahn
Nickname: The Asian Brad Pitt
Year Turned Pro: 2006
Recent Victories: “At this year’s TravisMathew Awesome Tour, Miguel Rivera (Charlie Hoffman’s player assistant) and I dominated at darts. We beat almost every team. The one team we didn’t beat was Team Brasher. He hit me with back-to-back shotguns. Needless to say I still let him win considering he’s the President of TravisMathew. If you’re thinking about playing in the Awesome Tour and beating me in darts, you better get that taste out of your mouth. Not gonna happen.
Infamous at TravisMathew for: Can’t be pranked
TM gear worn the most: “Ricket Hoodie because I like to keep my game tight.”

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