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Keegan Bradley Tour Polos


In the four years Keegan Bradley has been on the PGA Tour, he has stacked up a career’s worth of accomplishments. Keegan was voted Rookie of the Year, won the 2011 PGA Championship, is a two time Ryder Cup participant and a member of the winning 2013 Presidents Cup team.

To honor Keegan and allow the TravisMathew family to share in his success, we are releasing a series of limited edition Keegan Bradley Tour Polos. It’s generally known that if you look good you play good. It's also known that if you dress like Keegan Bradley you play like Keegan Bradley*. TravisMathew is finally giving you this opportunity! Each Crenshaw Polo is made to mirror exactly what Keegan wears on tour. They exclusively come in size Large (Keegan’s size), they feature each of his sponsor’s hand sewn logos and only three of each color were made. If you could put a price tag on such a rare item it would be $100 with a portion of each going to charity, but who could put a price tag on the opportunity to look and play like Keegan Bradley.

*TravisMathew in no way guarantees you will or will not play like Keegan Bradley.

Pictured: Limited Edition Keegan Polos

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