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Keep Your Dad Bod At Bay


This winter, did you find yourself spending more time drinking six-packs than working on sculpting your six-pack abs? No worries; not everyone can look like they’re carved from marble. We know you may not be able to pay a ton of attention to staying in shape but lucky for you, we at TravisMathew truly embrace the dad bod. Here are some health and fashion tips to help keep your dad bod at bay.

1. Look Good, Feel Good

Let’s be honest…the odds of you working out drop significantly if you have to wear spandex or revealing tank-tops probably. Thank goodness it’s not the 90s and workout gear, or what we consider our Active line as “athleisure”, has come a long way. Comfortable, lightweight and well-designed tops and bottoms will help in times of performance, but you’ll also feel stylish. Pick up some Active gear and you’re halfway to looking great in the gym.

2. Keep It Simple

Don’t sign up for a marathon if you can barely make it from the couch to the fridge without losing your breath. Start slow and keep it simple…just starting to workout is a big step so we don’t expect you to join your local CrossFit gym. Start with easy-to-execute low-impact exercises, use light weights at the beginning and don’t try set personal bests right away.

3. Have Fun When Active

No one is saying you need to join a gym to get into shape and keep that dad bod at bay. You can go from an extra-large to a large in no time with constant physical activities that you enjoy: rec league basketball, rock climbing, walking the family pup each day, or hitting the driving range are all great exercises that will help you keep the pounds off. And each of them can be done in our Active gear too!

4. Treat Yourself

Is your waistband suddenly getting a little loose from your workouts? Are you down to only a double-chin? Congratulations! Now treat yourself with some new gear in your new smaller size…nothing keeps you motivated like looking great but wanting to look even greater!

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