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If you're like the rest of us, you most likely made some plans or resolutions last month that "This is the year I get into shape!" How's that working out for ya (no pun intended)?

Even if you haven’t started carving those abs out of marble or been hitting the treadmill every morning at 4:30 AM, we’re here to provide you with some tips and suggestions to get the blood pumping and muscles moving, even for the laziest of athletes.  Just make sure you’re doing these in the comfort of the latest TravisMathew Active gear.

1.  Stop driving everywhere

In some parts of the country, your car can be your best friend.  Here in Huntington Beach, CA, home of TravisMathew, there’s no great public transportation and you have to constantly jump in your car for errands, see friends, go to work.  But if the mileage is right, leave the car keys at home, dust off your rusty trusty 10-speed and cycle to Taco Bell or the movie theater.

2. If you have to drive, stop searching for the perfect parking spot

Save time, frustration, and gas and just park the car at the first open spot you see.  So what if you have to walk a little extra?  It’ll be good for you!

3. Drink lots of water

Yes, beer is about 95% water.  No, we’re not asking you to start drinking Michelob Ultra.  Just swap out your soda intake for good ol’ fashioned H20.  Also try drinking water the next time you are getting hungry…it might be what your body is really craving.

4. "Party time" can mean "workout time"

The next time you are out at a gathering, work the room and get your steps in.  Circulation of the blood and conversations will help in the long run.  If you happen to be at a house party, offer to change out the keg…we’re big proponents of keg lifts as long as you lift with your legs, NOT your back!

5. Binge watch cardio

If you have a long day planned on the couch, whether it’s a six-hour Netflix marathon or flipping between sporting events tracking your fantasy team, take the time to get in some exercise.  Try doing squats during commercial breaks or sit-ups as the credits roll.

6. Join the office walking club

Asking around and see if there’s a group at work who take daily walks.  If there isn’t one, start it yourself!  A walk club is a great chance to meet some of the single ladies around the office, get caught up on who Steve in Accounting is hooking up with at Friday happy hours and it’s a great excuse to just get away from your computer. Or there’s always the company bowling or softball team.

There you have it.  You didn’t have to buy any fancy exercise equipment, get jumped into your local cross-fit gym, or be seen in public in spandex bodysuits.  All you need to do is plan out your activities and do them!  Before you know it, you’ll be fitting back into that TravisMathew polo in your desired size before you know it!

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