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Linsane In The Membrane


Last week, Linsanity was a mere rumble in the Pacific Ring of Fire: Lin was casually dropping dimes and swishing j’s. No one saw Jeremy Lin’s rapid ascent to Emperor of New York coming (not even Miss Cleo). In the last week, The Chosen One has erupted onto the NBA scene with game-winning shots, the right attitude, and a smile that could mend relations between the Taiwanese and Chinese officials staking claim to his heritage. It is safe to say that he is officially blowing up.

I’m sure that many of you may be tired of the Lin-tany of puns you’re hearing on ESPLin, but if for some reason you aren’t fully on board with the Lin Mean Fighting Machine, I’m going to remind you of why he is (or should be) your favorite LiNBA player.

Sure he went to Harvard and is probably the smartest person working at Madison Square Garden, but even people that aren’t iBankers can relate to him (but that’s not to say that iBankers don’t love him too; shares of LIN jumped 8% in early morning trading Friday as tousled sleep-deprived brokers mistook the ticker for Jeremy Lin’s personal brand).

He represents every guy that feels he didn’t get the chance to prove himself. For example, I was an all-star baseball player (ages 10, 11, and 12). We Cupid-Shuffled through our region every year but once found ourselves in a nail-biter with a feisty little squad from Bath County (a team we normally eviscerated by slaughter rule). But this particular time was different. We were struggling to get batters out, they had the bases loaded, and I was left standing in the outfield with a rocket arm like rookie of the year Henry Rowengartner. If only my coach had recognized my potential and put me on the mound, we could have been in Williamsport going head to head versus Danny Almonte. But it wasn’t meant to be. We lost the game and my gyroball wasn’t seen in ballparks until 10 years later when Dice-K came along. But I’m no longer bitter about it. After years of harboring resentment, Lin has shown me that the cream eventually rises to the top. I’m not one for therapy, but I definitely recommend counseLINg.

He represents every guy that has ever been through tough times. We all know the guy that either had his flight cancelled, had nowhere else to go, or just drank too much and was forced to sleep on his friend’s couch. But do we know the Couching Tiger that pours in 38 points against the Lakers, subways back to his buddy’s pad, and sleeps on a craigslist sofa? Yes we do, Jeremy Lin. He is a working class hero. He puts in double-double efforts on the court before he calls it a day, throws the extra pillows on the floor, grabs the way-too-small-blanket, and lies down hypotenuse-wise (the only way he’ll fit) on the couch.

It would have been easy for Jeremy to call it quits any number of times: like when he went undrafted, or when he was cut by the Warriors, or when he was cut on Christmas Eve, or when he missed a question on the SATs. But that isn’t the Jeremy Lin that we know and love. We love Lin for the same reasons we love the Phoenix: He rises from the ashes.

Recognize. The Lin Dynasty has begun: Grab a Lin & Tonic, tune Lin, and remember, we are all witnesses.

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