2013 TravisMathew Team Member Luke List

January 10, 2013

Luke List, aka “Sir Double L” will be making his PGA Tour debut in 2013. We feel extremely lucky to have been able to sign three players for the price of one - Luke List, Chet and Alan. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about yet, you will soon.

Coming off of a strong season on the Web.com Tour with one win, three 2nd place finishes, and six top 10s, Luke, Chet and Alan are ready to go in 2013.

Having been with the TravisMathew brand throughout their Web.com Tour career, all three players under the Sir Double L staple fit the culture and attitude that we evoke as a brand.

As Luke calls for “Pizza” on the 9th hole this year at Phoenix, we’ll be right there to explain why, so stay tuned!

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