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Man Skills - How to shave


Congratulations, your electric razor has more horsepower than a 1960's lawnmower and can store more than 6 GB of memory. But what ever happen to shaving like a man? What happened to the thrill of shaving with a razor that not only made you look good but could also kill you in a single miss-swipe. Shaving with a straight razor is not only bad ass, but it's something that every man should know how to do.

How to shave with a Straight Razor -There are many tools that go along with a straight razor, and if you're that interested in stepping up your manhood then we suggest looking into it. This blog however isn't going to teach you how to shop for a razor but rather how to use the damn thing.

1. Wash your face...because you're nasty.

2. Put your first three fingers on the back of the blade, rest your pinkie on the blade’s tang. Place your thumb on the side of the blade near the middle. Start slow, make sure that you are applying even strokes and shave in the same direction of your beard growth. Shaving against the "grain" of your growth can cause ingrown hairs (and the ladies typically aren't really into those). Hold the blade at a 30-degree angle, anything more can quickly turn a shave into attempted suicide; anything less will only comb your man scruff. Apply very little pressure and let the razor do what it was designed to do. Pressing down on the razor will only increase your chance of making yourself look like Edward Sissorhands.

3. Rinse with water and dab your face with a manly scent. (Look at ya, you're beautiful. Well better at least.)

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