Mardy Fish at the U.S. Open

September 1, 2015


The U.S. Open of tennis has begun. TravisMathew team member Mardy Fish is back after a three year hiatus to compete in his final tournament before retiring from a stellar pro career. Since the beginning of this 2015 season, Fish has been determined to “conquer” the U.S. Open - the site of his 2012 withdrawal against Roger Federer.

And conquer he has. Mardy won in the first round over Italian Marco Cecchinato in a three hour four set match and has become the feel good story of this year’s open. Next up for Mardy is a second round matchup with 18th-seeded Feliciano Lopez. Mardy will be fired up and dressed to the 9’s in our TravisMathew fitness line, RED. #goFish

Pictured: Mardy Fish, Last Ride

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