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Mardy Fish's Last Ride


There are so many athletes that have come and gone throughout history. Some stay for long periods of time, while others have merely a small spell in the public eye. It seems only fate decides who will stick around and who will be cast away. One of fate’s chosen ones, Professional tennis player and TravisMathew team member Mardy Fish began his pro career in 2000 and has been lucky enough to stick around for the past 15 years. The 6 foot 2, right-hander from Edina, Minnesota has 6 career singles titles and 8 career doubles titles. Not to mention his silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.In 2011, Mardy defeated his life-long friend Andy Roddick and became the No. 1 ranked player in America and No. 7 in the world. Yes, Mardy has had a fantastic pro career that many athletes can only daydream about. Now it’s Mardy’s turn to step down, with the announcement of his retirement at the end of his run for the 2015 U.S Open.

In true Mardy Fish fashion, he looks to go out with the biggest of bangs. He’ll be teaming up with TravisMathew brother Andy Roddick. The two teammates will be competing in the doubles tournament this week at the BB&T Atlanta Open. Their first match will be against Yen-Hsun Lu/ Jonathan Marray Tuesday evening on ESPN. With this being Mardy’s last run, he looks to leave it all on the court and battle it out to the very end.

Pictured: Mardy & Andy at the BB&T Open

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