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Our Favorite New Orleanians

With a collection of apparel inspired by the Big Easy, how could we not bring you a list of our favorite New Orleanians? Thanks to a city with rich culture, be it sports, music, culinary and more, we had no problem come up with our faves; the hard part was keeping the list short enough to read during your morning coffee and beignet! Enjoy TravisMathew’s favorite native sons (and daughters) of New Orleans.


Harry Connick Jr.

How could we not start our list off with one of the best-selling male vocalists of all-time? Don’t try to pretend like you don’t own his Christmas album or know the songs from When Harry Met Sally… by heart. HCJ gets bonus points from us for his acting range, from a serial killer in Copycat to over twenty appearances in Will & Grace.


Carl Weathers

We think portraying Apollo Creed in the Rocky franchise is cool enough to make any list, but add his iconic turn as Chubbs Peterson in Happy Gilmore? Now you have someone worthy of the TravisMathew Mount Rushmore.


Sandra Bullock

Oh Sandy, how we still love you after all these years. From Speed to Gravity and every rom-com and chick flick in between, you’ve always been our girl. While she’s not native to New Orleans, Bullock has been a long-time resident and has been deeply involved with the community since the Hurricane Katrina destruction.


Drew Brees

While we could have gone with Peyton Manning (yeah, sorry, Eli…you’re not getting anywhere close to this list) as the best football player to come from the NOLA, our pick goes with New Orleans’ adopted son and the greatest Saint of all-time, Drew Brees. Bringing a Super Bowl to the city and helping support the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina earned Big Breesy a key to the city and free drinks on Bourbon Street for the rest of his life.


John Goodman

You’re either identify with John Goodman as Dan Conner from Roseanne or Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski. Either way, you loved the guy and could relate with him one way or another.


Michael Gulotta

You probably don’t know Michael Gulotta now, but you will soon. Chef Gulotta is the hottest name in the culinary world to come out of New Orleans since Emeril Lagasse. The New Orleans-native infuses the best seafood from the Louisiana Delta and infuses big Vietnamese flavors. We’re such big fans of Chef Gulotta that he will be the subject of our Life On Tour video series in May.


Pete Maravich

Imagine a ball player who could shoot better than Steph Curry and also pass and dribble better than Magic Johnson. If you never saw Pistol Pete play, we guarantee your dad has told you numerous stories of his college and professional accomplishments, like averaging 44.2 points in his three-year college career at LSU...before the addition of the three-point line!


Ruth Benerito

Mrs. Benerito holds a special place in our heart. The New Orleans-born and Tulane University-educated chemist was the inventor of wrinkle-free cotton and with our wash-and-wear polos, we owe a ton to her; putting her on this list was the least we could do! So the next time you pull a TravisMathew polo out of the dryer and head to the bar, make sure to give a toast to Ruth Benerito.

Honorable Mention: Reese Witherspoon, Lil Wayne, Peyton Manning, author Michael Lewis, Trent Reznor, Marshall Faulk, Greg and Bryant Gumbel, Emeril Lagasse

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