8 PGA wins, 6 NBA titles, 4 Super Bowl Rings

March 29, 2015


TravisMathew team member Keegan Bradley has been on a dream vacation in the Bahamas. He started his Saturday off by playing a casual round of golf with Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Luke Donald. This had to be a monumental moment for Keegan, as he is considered the undisputed king of Patriot's fandom. Fandom aside, Keegan made sure to show Tom and MJ who is the king of the golf course.


After finishing their round, the star studded foursome stopped by the basketball court for a game of pick-up. Although Keegan smoked Brady and MJ on the course, they exacted their revenge with a few nasty crossovers and fadeaways on the court. After the basketball beat down, Keegan was quoted on Twitter saying "Brady is god" but "don't ask em how golf went early that day." We love the fire Keegan. Keep it going through the first major of the year!

Pictured: Crooks Heather Blue

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