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The Best and Worst Baseball Movies (According to TravisMathew)


The 2018 baseball season is in full swing (warning: not the first baseball pun you’ll get), so why not put on the record the best and worst movies about America’s Pastime? With 102 films IMDb listed as “baseball movies,” there was no shortage of options. Which is your favorite?


Major League

Despite its screwball characters and storyline and notable quotes (“Juuuuuust a bit outside…”), anyone who sees this movie before the age of 13 thinks this is exactly how Major League Baseball is. A definite classic that belongs in the pantheon of hardball flics.

The Sandlot

Much like Rookie of the Year, just because it’s geared for kids doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best of all-time. This coming-of-age tale should resonate with every TravisMathew guy, whether he’s a Smalls, a Squints, or a Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez.

The Natural

Either you grew up with this as one of your favorite baseball movies or your dad did. Either way, you can’t but help but think of baseball when you hear the iconic theme song. Plus, who hasn’t dreamed of smashing a home run into the stadium lights? Now go pick us out a winner, Bobby.

All-Stars: Bull Durham, Moneyball, Field of Dreams, Rookie of the Year, A League of Their Own, Bad News Bears (the original)


Angels in the Outfield

Unlike the PG classics The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, and Little Big League, this film is anything but heavenly. Bad storyline and even worse special effects, not even a relatively-unknown 25-year-old Matthew McConaughey could save this dud.

Angels in the Infield

Hath Disney no shame? As if their Angels in the Outfield flop wasn’t bad enough (35% on Rotten Tomatoes), Mickey Mouse and Co. doubled-down two years later with just about the same movie with an even worst cast.

Night Game

A former minor league baseball player-turned-homicide detective is on the case to find out why women keep end up getting murdered every night when a Houston Astros pitcher takes the mound. Turns out the killer has a hook for an arm and was a disgruntled former Astros pitcher. No, seriously…that is an actual plot to a movie.

Strikeouts: Major League II, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, The Scout, Summer Catch, The Benchwarmers, Fever Pitch

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