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The Best Father-Son Advice, TravisMathew Style

When one becomes a father, it’s required that you’ll begin a lifetime of imparting wisdom and knowledge to your children based on life experiences. This Father’s Day, we’ve come up with the best advice a father can give his son.


Hang out with your sister…she’s cooler than you think.
Always thank soldiers and school teachers.
Girls like boys who shower.



Double down on eleven every time.
Never drink more than your boss.
Be a good passer but don’t forget to take the open shot.



Don’t fill up on the free bread or chips.
If you don’t miss a practice, then I won’t miss a game.
Eat lunch with the new kid.
Be picky about your shoes, beer and women.



Don’t record the big game…watch it live.
What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas anymore…it ends up on Instagram.
Always tip and tip well.



Learn the difference between bourbon, scotch and whiskey.
Wash your own car, polish your own shoes but never cut your own hair.
Never leave a birdie putt short.
No one cares about your diet, finances or fantasy football team.

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