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The right bag for the right trip

Going Places

What does your luggage say about you?  Do you even think about it?  So often we only look at what we carry as a way to pack our stuff when in reality, there’s a lot more to it than that.  Different kinds of travel require different kinds of luggage.

Quick Trips - Think light and remember before you know it, you'll be back in your bed. That is why backpacks were invented after all. Don't waste precious space and energy lugging around anything bigger than what can fit right on your back.

Multiple Day Trips - Weekends that require multiple wardrobe changes require a bag that can accommodate your many pairs of argyle socks while still fitting in the overhead bin. Look for something with wheels so you can haul around that gift for your friend who has surprisingly never told anyone the real reason you got sick in Vegas.

Plus One Travel – You’re the type who saves all of your vacation time and cashes it all in for one long trip.  All that you can think about is a cold beverage, and waters bluer than Walter White's recent cook. As you lay out your favorite TM OG Polo you realize your luggage is already half packed with her stuff. When traveling for long periods or when packing for two, a larger Check In bag is the way to go.  Just don't forget to pack your (golf) balls.

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