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These aren't your Grand-dads Chinos


Chino’s have come along way since they were first introduced to the world. Before I tell you about where they have come, let me give a little history on the Chino and where it came from. Apologies to those of you who have heard this story aka Beat It NERD!

We owe all the credit to the military. Chino’s were originally made for British army uniforms in the mid 19th century. These Chino’s were manufactured in China. American troops stationed in the Philippines wore them during the Spanish –American war. Knowing only that they came from China they were nicknamed “Chinos”. It wasn’t until post war that they really hit the mainstream where they could be found at surplus stores across the country. Since then they have become an American staple, offered at all price points. Starting at the top with high end designers all the way down to the infamous Docker.

Now that the boring history lesson is over let me tell you about some amazing advances in this Americana staple. The “modern” chino now comes in a variety of fabric choices (not just 100% cotton) they have stretch, they are moisture wicking, they keep you cool when it’s hot out, they are anti microbial, they are wrinkle resistant, they are stain resistant, and on and on. If you haven’t purchased a pair of these new “modern” chino’s I suggest you step into the 21st century and start living. Currently Travis Mathew has two different versions in stock. The Keeper, which resembles the traditional chino you grew up with, and the Hough, a slightly more tech looking version. To quote an unnamed person here in the office “they will change your life”. To be honest they most likely won’t change your life, just as the person quoted has yet to change my life with all of the “life changing” experiences and products he has presented me. What I can promise you is, they will be some of the most comfortable pants you own and suitable for almost all occasions. Just promise me one thing, don’t be the guy who rolls them up above his ankles with leather sandals. Only one person can pull that look off and it aint you!

Chris Roosasen, Chief Creative Officer

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