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Top 10 Favorite Things About the Northern Trust Open


One of our favorite tournaments of the year has kicked off, the Northern Trust Open! Maybe we like it because it’s in our own backyard, or maybe we like it because it’s held at the famous, Riviera Country Club, or maybe it’s both. This year is special though because we’ve taken our West Coast Tour Bus to the famous course and set up camp for the tournament. Here are our Top 10 Favorite Things About the Northern Trust Open.

10. Riviera Country Club

The Northern Trust Open is held at the famous Riviera Country Club, and believe it or not, the course is 90-years-old. That’s pretty crazy. This golf course has seen some unbelievable battles during its history, and has been home to Majors like the US Open in 1948, The PGA Championship in 1983 and in 1995, and the US Senior Open in 1998. A lot of great players have walked through the clubhouse, so it makes sense why this course and the Northern Trust Open ranks as one of our favorites.

9. Tiger Woods’ First PGA Tournament

That’s right, before Tiger became the Tiger we know, he played his first PGA event as an amateur at age 16. He shot a 72 and a 75 and missed the cut, but that wouldn’t be the only time he would play the Northern Trust Open, however, during the course of his career, he hasn’t been able to win the event.

8. Ben Hogan Dominates Riviera

Ben Hogan was a force to be reckoned with in his day. He won his first tournament here in 1942, and continued to be successful at Riviera with back-to-back wins in 1948. It’s no wonder that Riviera has been dubbed, “Hogan’s Alley.”

7. Hole 1

The first hole is beautiful. It’s a relatively easy (for all of you great golfers out there) 503-Yard Par 5, with a tee box that sits 70 feet above the fairway. If you can get your tee shot placed well, it’s definitely reachable in two, which means we’ll be putting our orders on your tab if you sink that eagle putt.

6. Hole 10

Yes, one of the best looking holes on the course, and in golf in general, is Hole 10. If you’ve got what it takes, this Par 4 is definitely drivable. At 315 yards, you have to be willing to take a risk for a potential huge reward. If you miss, you better bring beach ball because you’re next shot will most likely be played from a bunker. If you’re accurate though, you’re sitting pretty, and putting for eagle. Go for it, guy!

5. Lanny Wadkins

Who is Lanny Wadkins you ask? Oh, just the guy who holds the overall tournament score record of 264, which is 20-under par. He shot that record in 1985 and it has stood the test of time since then. A few players have come close (Mike Weir with a 267 in 2004), but no one has beat it, which is why it’s the longest standing PGA Tour Course record on the schedule. Maybe one of our guys will break it this year.

4. Riviera’s Members

The home of the Northern Trust Open is also home to some very famous members over the years, and current ones like our friend Mark Wahlberg, Adam Sandler, Larry David, and Luke Wilson to name a few. Other famous members have included Humphrey Bogart, Walt Disney, Glen Campbell, Peter Falk, and Dean Martin. Can you imagine a foursome with some of those guys?

3. Hole 6

The Northern Trust Open also has one of the most interesting greens that you’ll ever see on tour. Riviera’s famous sixth green has a bunker smack dab in the middle of it, making for some very challenging pin placements, and putts. Can you imagine just hitting your ball so pure only to watch you ball land in bunker here? It definitely gives off that miniature golf vibe, which is sweet, but not when we’re trying to beat the course record. We’ll just have to go to our happy place when we face danger here.

2. Back-to-Back Victories

The Northern Trust Open has also had its fair share of back-to-back champions, with seven total players accomplishing that feat over the years. That’s pretty incredible if you ask us.

1. The Northern Trust Open is in Los Angeles

The thing we love most about the Northern Trust Open is that this historic event is right in our own backyard. There’s just something about having this tournament right up the road, and this year is definitely special because we have our West Coast Tour Bus parked at the promenade by the 15th tee box. This gives us the chance to watch the tournament from the comfort of our own bus, play some cornhole, and root for our TravisMathew team. This is going to be a great weekend!

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