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Top 10 Moments of the Big Game


How much fun did you guys have watching the big game yesterday? If you’re like us (which we think you are) you were pretty much glued to the TV. Here are our Top 10 favorite moments from yesterday’s game.

#10-Tom Brady Being Booed During MVP Introductions

Ouch. We know that Tom Brady isn’t liked by a lot of football fans, but you’d expect him to get a little love from the Bay Area, especially since he’s from San Mateo, CA. Not the case because the stadium quickly greeted him with boos, or were they saying booooorady? I guess as long as you’re still an active player, there won’t be much cheering for Tom on the West Coast until he retires. Regardless, it looks like the boos didn’t deflate him in anyway.

#9- The Lady Gaga Hunger Games Meme

We’ve never seen the Hunger Games, but we appreciate a good meme when we see one, which is why we thought these memes was hilarious.

#8- Cam Newton Not Diving After the Ball

Uhhh, Cam, you were only six points away from tying the game, and seven points from taking the lead at this point in the game. It’s the biggest game in your career and everything is on the line, so you should’ve taken a dive to recover that ball. More time diving and less time dabbing.

#7- Eli Manning has no Emotion

Oh sibling rivalry is alive and well in the Manning household. Not even a grin, Eli? How do they get along during the holidays? Free polo to anyone that can provide us with some stories from the dinner table.

#6-Marshawn Lynch Retiring

We’ll miss you Marshawn. Thanks for the memories. We’ll always know why you’re here.

#5-Cam Newton Walking Out of his Press Conference

We get it Cam, you’ve just lost the biggest game of your professional career, but this is a part of the deal. You have to chat to the media, regardless if you win or lose.

#4-Halftime Show

What happens when you mix three artists during the prime of their career? One incredible halftime performance. Even though Coldplay was on the top of the bill, it was clear that Beyoncé stole the show. All hail Queen Bey!

#3-The Commercials

One of the best parts of the game is obviously watching the commercials during the break. We definitely laughed pretty hard at a few like the Heinz and Doritos commercials and scratched our collective heads at a couple and have come to the conclusion that we’re very afraid of that puppybaby thing, and can’t erase the image of Willem Dafoe in a dress from our heads.

#2-Peyton Manning Becoming the Winningest QB in NFL History

Congrats to Peyton Manning for becoming the QB with the most wins in NFL history. Pretty incredible accomplishment if you ask us. We once at an entire plate of wings in less than seven minutes, so there’s that.

#1-Papa John Hugging Peyton Manning

Boy, that was awkward.

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