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TravisMathew has plenty of red, white and blue to offer this year, including our special summer collection. Let’s take time to reflect when others looked great in red, white and blue throughout the history of sports.



10. Clint Dempsey 2010 United States Men’s National Team

American soccer fans¹ will immediately question the selection of Dempsey over golden boy Landon Donovan. Nothing against Donovan – he is the all-time leading scorer (record 57 goals and total of 115 points in 157 games) in USMNT history – but Dempsey’s production is not far behind (56 goals in only 132 games) and we respect his disruptive style of play and personality. The 2010 World Cup kit² is just about perfect and so American, we think the United States Postal Service should adopt the same look.


9. Wes Unseld 1978 Washington Bullets

Call us a sucker for old school unis, but the red, white and blue combo along with the short shorts and long tube socks makes this look a winner. We think the Washington Wizards would still be playing in the NBA Playoffs this year if they adopted the same look full-time.


8. Ernie Banks 1959 Chicago Cubs

So many Cubbie uniforms to choose from, but 1959 happened to be Banks’ first MVP season and just the third year into including pinstripes on their home uniforms, a style they continue to wear to this day. “Let’s play two” indeed!


7. Julius Erving 1976 New York Nets

It was the United States Bicentennial, so red, white and blue was on everyone’s minds. Know who else was on everyone’s minds that year? One of the coolest, baddest cats around, that year he won the first-ever Slam Dunk Contest, took the Nets to the ABA Finals³, and was key in the merger with the NBA, all while looking groovy and patriotic.


6. Henrik Lundqvist 2012 New York Rangers (Winter Classic)

Almost any New York Ranger sweater – we said almost – ranks among the pantheon of red, white and blue jerseys and uniforms, but the 2012 Winter Classic version is our favorite, from the cream color to the faux-vintage logo. Not only did the Rangers win the game, but goalie Lundqvist made an amazing save on a penalty shot with 20 seconds remaining to preserve the win.


5. Any Maurice Richard Montreal Canadiens sweater

Sure, the player and team hail from Montreal, but Richard’s nickname was “the Rocket” and “the rocket’s red glare” is right there in the Star Spangled Banner lyrics!


4. Tom Brady 2009-2012 New England Patriots (Alternative Red)

Normally we wouldn’t rank an alternative jersey this high but we are talking about the G.O.A.T., plus the red, white and blue helmet pairs with the rest of the jersey like lobster and a buttery chard. It’s a shame that the Patriots don’t adopt this look full-time⁴.


3. Jackie Robinson 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers

Our favorite Jackie Robinson jersey is either from 1947, the year he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, or from 1949, the year he won the MVP. But for the sake of this list, the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers uniform not only was worn the year they won the World Series, but it featured a red number on the front of the home uni, making it apropos for inclusion on this list. The Dodgers were the first Major League team to display numbers on the front of their jerseys and they still do it to this day.


2. Michael Jordan 1992 Team USA

The “Dream Team” was called “the greatest collection of basketball talent⁵ on the planet”, led by Michael Jordan. Looking at the uniforms from the 1988 Olympics, it’s no wonder Team USA only won the bronze that year, then decided to change out their look and start including professionals in ’92. Clean and unabashedly patriotic, the Dream Team uniforms became the basis of what all national team uniforms should aspire to be.


1. Mike Eruzione 1980 Team USA

It was no Miracle on Ice to us considering how great the scrappy and underrated Men’s Hockey team looked those Winter Olympics. Clean, classic and unabashedly patriotic, it’s no wonder those Commies in red wilted under pressure against the United States in red, white and blue.


Honorable mention:

Hal Greer 1963 Philadephia 76ers, Bill Walton 1984 Los Angeles Clippers, Eric Lindros 1991 Quebec Nordiques⁶, Alex Ovechkin 2015 Washington Capitals (Winter Classic), Carlton Fisk 1983 Chicago White Sox

1. All six of you that happen to read this blog.
2. We at TravisMathew refuse to refer to the game of soccer as “football” and games as “caps”, but we will call the uniforms “kits”. Our blog, our rules.
3. Bonus points are always awarded when the ABA is referenced.
4. The “Flying Elvis” logo the Brady-Belichick Era Patriots use is probably the worst logo for a great franchise in the history of sports.
5. You’re welcome, Christian Laettner.
6. Too soon?

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