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Top 10 Summer Activities

Your plans ought to be endless this summer, but in case you need some additional ideas, here are the top ten summertime activities you can find TravisMathew doing this year.

Cannonball Contest
Lounging poolside is great and all, but you can really amp up the fun with an impromptu cannonball contest. Remember, height and distance of splash is what we're looking for. Just don't tell Mom that you're big finale is from off the roof.


Fire Pit Jam Sesh
Pick up some fire wood, cold drinks and that friend who is always dying to play his acoustic guitar. Or we're totally fine with leaving "that guy" at home practicing his cover of Bieber's "Despacito".

Drive-In Movie
Before there was Netflix and chill, there was the drive-in movie. Feed your inner-nostalgia by taking in a flick with your special lady. If the Prius is a rockin', don't come a-knockin'.

Mini Golf
Leave the driver in the bag and head to the local putt-putt with the boys for some intense Astroturf action. Just remember to call your banks and watch out for the damn windmill.


Pub Crawl
Get out of the heat and make sure to hydrate early and often as you pop around from bar to bar on your local popular hangout street. Amp it up and have your group dress up in a costume theme.

Nap in a Hammock
Sometimes you just gotta relax. With all these summer plans, we're betting you'll need a little mid-day break now and then. Nothin' wrong with a little nap to catch up on some Zs.

All-Day Fishing Trip
Whether it's a chartered boat or taking out your own rig, spending all day on the open water sipping on brews and casting out a line is the best way to take in the summer. We can't wait to hear how big the one that got away was.


Beach Olympics
This is going to take some organization but it's worth it. Grab your buddies and create a fun, all-day sporting event at the beach. Our suggestions are Ladder Ball, Cornhole, Spike Ball and our favorite, Bottle Bash (aka Polish Horseshoes) because a) they are really fun and, b) you can enjoy them with a beer and koozie in one hand!

Wiffle Ball
Every guy thinks he's either the greatest Wiffle Ball hitter or pitcher to ever walk the earth. Put your money where your mouth is a play a game (or ten) this summer, either legit game or just swing for the fences at homerun derby.

Zip Lining
If you are lucky enough to live close to where you're able to go zip lining, we recommend you take advantage. We here in Southern California prefer the fun and view on Catalina Island as we get our thrills zipping over 30 miles per hour over the canyon floor, complete with Pacific Ocean views.

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