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We know how it is when you travel. A few days before your trip you rummage through the closet to locate your luggage and then systematically over-pack for the next few nights. Once you arrive at the airport you check your bag and are off to the next destination. It’s not until you reach the arrival carousel when embarrassment sets in. You never noticed until now; everyone else's luggage fashionably rounds the chrome corners and you flush with shame as your old, ratty bag scoots along the conveyer belt. You know everyone is watching the worn out, faded-colored suitcase, and are waiting to see who claims the monstrosity. With your head down you take responsibility.

Stop dreading the luggage carousel! The new, sleek, all-black TravisMathew luggage collection will put you at the envy of travelers. Walk out those automatic, sliding-glass doors with your head held high and the new TravisMathew luggage in tow.

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