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TravisMathew Welcomes Keegan Bradley


Since 2007, TravisMathew has taken the golf world by storm. In a sport that has notoriously been known for its baggy shirts, loud colors, and funny looking shoes, the vision behind TravisMathew has always been making products that are comfortable and stylish that can be worn on and off the course.

The TravisMathew Team echoes the fact that you don’t have to be uptight to enjoy the game of golf and is leading the way for what the new generation of PGA Tour Pros looks like. They are a group of guys who think outside the box, and that is why Team TravisMathew’s newest player makes so much sense.

“We are excited to welcome Keegan Bradley to the TravisMathew family.” TravisMathew CEO, Travis Brasher tells us. “He is a perfect fit for our brand and exemplifies the TravisMathew culture both on and off the course.”

Keegan Bradley, The 2011 PGA Champion, is a two time Ryder Cup participant, and a member of the winning Presidents Cup team in 2013. The 2011 Rookie of the year has had a brilliant start to his career and TravisMathew is looking forward to joining him on his next chapter.

Known for his quirky pre-shot routine and his signature Jordan golf Shoes, Bradley can now add TravisMathew apparel to his arsenal.

When asked about the new partnership, he said, “I am extremely excited to be joining team TravisMathew. I couldn’t think of a better fit for my personal style.” Welcome to the Team Keegan!

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