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TV Shows Every TravisMathew Man Should Be Watching Right Now

Welcome to the golden age of television. Thanks to the explosion of production created by cable and streaming options like HBO, Showtime, Netflix and Hulu¹ and the binge-watching society we have become, television programming is at an all-time high, both in quantity and quality. We’ve assembled a list of television shows that every TravisMathew guy should be watching this summer. (Mild spoilers to follow)



Master of None (Season 2) – Netflix

Comedian Aziz Anzari returns to Netflix and he steps up his game in Season 2, featuring the same sharp and witty banter, the love of travel and food, and the on-going struggle in the dating world. What else is there to like?



Silicon Valley (Season 4) – HBO

We here at TM respect those who are #CasuallyLegendary, which describes the eclectic members of Pied Piper and PiperChat. You’re guaranteed two or three gut-busting scenes each week as the geeky, yet aspirational, group of techies and programmers constantly get into trouble trying to keep their companies afloat. It’s the perfect show to flip on after a long day at work.



House of Cards (Season 5) - Netflix

Kevin Spacey as President Frank Underwood is one of the greatest television characters of all-time. We suggest setting aside the rest of your summer to binge-watch all four previous seasons if you haven’t already. Backstabbing, political unrest and scandal, and a POTUS willing to do anything to get his way…sound familiar?



Billions (Season 2) – Showtime

Call us crazy, but we can totally see Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (played brilliantly by Damian Lewis) wearing TravisMathew around the offices of Axe Capital or while hobnobbing with the East Coast elite. If you like high stakes drama set in the hedge fund world, Billions is the show for you. We highly recommend starting from Season 1 if you haven’t seen it yet.



American Gods (Season 1) – Starz

Weird is in. Just look at the success of shows like The Leftovers (HBO), Stranger Things (Netflix) and Twin Peaks (Showtime)…American Gods is no different. Based on the best-selling novel, the show successfully intertwines mythology and 20th century history with mystery and suspense. Where else can you watch Odin, the Norse God, and rocker David Bowie in the same episode?



Big Little Lies (Season 1) – HBO

Yes, the season is already over but listen up…you’re going to want to either recommend to watch this with your lady or if she suggests it, just say ‘yes’. It’s Desperate Housewives meets True Detective and featuring a slew of great female performances by the likes of Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, and Reese Witherspoon, so it shouldn’t be a hard sell for wifey. Here’s the thing…between the great soundtrack each episode, highly entertaining catfights, and the occasional nude scene, it is show we can get behind while earning valuable brownie points with your lady without her realizing you’re not really taking one for the team.

1. If you haven’t subscribed to Hulu and Amazon Prime Video by now, what are you waiting for?
2. Recommended fall releases like Game of Thrones and Ballers are not included in this list but we’ll be watching.
3. Season 2 returns on October 31, 2017. We’re planning on setting a bowl of mini Snickers on our doorstep and staying in on Halloween to binge-watch the entire season.
4. NOT a recommended show to watch and you can tell Bree Van de Kamp we said so.
5. Season 1 of True Detective, not the let-down that was Season 2.

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