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Founded in 2007, TravisMathew draws its inspiration from all aspects of Southern California culture and lifestyle. Our focus on making premier men’s apparel for work and play has cemented our foothold in the sportswear world. Over the past several years, TravisMathew has been leading the way in quality and active-wear design. We remain committed to constant innovation and discovery to bring the best to our customers. We’re throwing a party, and you’re invited.

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The TravisMathew man is a sophisticated, yet disruptive creature. He paves his own roads… and makes damn well sure those roads look good! Our apparel is no different. Inventive but somehow familiar in a classic kind of way. Styles that are timeless and unapologetic. Made for every part of your day – from the daily grind to the after hour shenanigans.

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We may not be the guy that is hitting the gym 7 days a week, but at the same time we understand that staying healthy and occasionally breaking a sweat makes a well-rounded man. Our ACTIVE line reflects this way of thinking. Apparel that looks good and performs just as well is the name of the game. Styles that are comfortable when the mood calls for lounging and built tough for when it’s time to get off the couch and onto the treadmill.

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Prestige 7

We believe a man’s wardrobe should be comfortable, well made, stylish, and function to the needs of the active, average man. Our products carry all these elements. Our fabrics are broken down into three categories based on where the day goes – casual, balanced, and performance based.

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The modern TravisMathew man stays sharp at all times. He cares a great deal about what clothes go on his body and demands quality and attention to detail. Our Trademark fit is for that extra special guy that likes things a certain way. A bit more cutting-edge and a bit more sophisticated. These styles fit a little different from our normal line and are also made with our most premium material.

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