The sun had just begun to rise as we pulled across the border, hangovers setting in from the night before. We knew this would be the first of many for the trip but we didn't care; we had nothing to do but surf, eat, drink and explore.

The first few days felt like a blur. A throwback to trips gone by that we can't quite remember but assure ourselves were the best times we've ever had. Like ghosts of bad ideas past, familiar shenanigans and practical jokes played out as if on cue. When we pulled off on a dirt road to pee: "Grab one of the old golf clubs, $20 says you can't hit him with that rock…yeah, I'm sure it’s safe, it's got to be at least 30 feet."

By mid-week we had started to shift gears, settling more into the style of the trip we had all agreed upon before leaving. Fun and adventure were still top of mind but we had committed to broadening our horizons and seeing what gold was out there to be discovered. Without missing a beat, ice-cold beers at roadside taco stands gave way to post modern tasting rooms, overlooking hill-side vineyards, hidden perfectly off an unassuming valley road.

As we sat there on the last evening, enjoying our new favorite Cab-Franc straight from the bottle while watching the sun melt into the pacific one more time, it occurred to us that we create the world around us and the only things we get to keep are the memories we make. The inside jokes, empty line ups and nameless smiles on beautiful faces met along the way are all part of the details that make these moments unforgettable. Give more than you take, experience all the world has to offer, and every day strive to Elevate Your Details.#URInvited • #elevateyourdetails

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