Chris Pratt Totally Rewrites the History of Apparel Brand TravisMathew in Newest Campaign

“Travis Mathew invented pants. He named them for his mother—Pants Mathew.”

And while that statement is entirely untrue, Chris Pratt delivered it with conviction during our new campaign featuring the actor and brand ambassador.

In a handful of new spots spanning connected TV and social media, Pratt meanders through various picturesque landscapes opining on the accomplishments of a man named “Travis Mathew,” but goes completely off script, thus forcing us to “fire” him. [Spoiler: we didn’t actually fire him. Not even when he claimed cats would eat your eyeballs.]

“I really think the new campaign by TravisMathew was our funniest work yet. I love the overall storyline, being able to have a little bit of fun, telling the ‘story’ of the brand,” Pratt told us.
“TravisMathew is a brand that I’ve worn on and off the course for years, so our partnership certainly feels organic. Our relationship has grown over the years beyond appreciation for the product to where I built a genuine connection to the people who represent the brand.”

For this campaign, we worked closely with creative partner, Imagine Entertainment and production partner, O Positive Films, to produce a one-of-a-kind campaign led by director Jim Jenkins.

“Our first campaign with Chris was focused on promoting our best-in-class products, what you would likely expect from an apparel campaign. This time around, we wanted to take a little more risk to tell new customers who we are as a brand and really allow Chris to be the humorous on-screen storyteller that he is,” Chris Peterson, our Senior Director of Marketing explained. “Working alongside Imagine Entertainment and O Positive Films was incredible in developing this creative. We know that this campaign is a bit unconventional, but feel confident that it will capture the attention of those that see it and bring a new level of awareness to our brand.”

“At Imagine we typically focus on long-form branded storytelling, but sometimes we take on projects because, well, they just seem like fun.,” laughed Marc Gilbar, President of Brands at Imagine Entertainment. “As fans of Chris Pratt, TravisMathew, and absurd brand histories, this was an opportunity we simply couldn’t pass up.”

We hope you’ll check out our latest videos featuring Chris Pratt. And hey, maybe you’d like to chime in with your own ridiculous brand history of TravisMathew?

We are after all, the brand that outfitted the second golfer on the moon…