Do you believe perfection exists? If you’re like Chris Pratt, you will once you try our Perfect Pant, the Open To Close. With a design structured for mobility and fabric crafted for subtle stretch and complete recovery, discover the comfort, performance, and style of our Perfect Pant.

Now, you may be wondering, “But can the Perfect Pant make me perfect?” Well…no. But it can make you look perfect. Don’t believe us? Take it from Chris Pratt.

“These pants are literally perfect,” he said after trying on the Open To Close. “They’re comfortable, stretchy, versatile…”

Not only does the best-selling Open To Close pant feel great, it’s also the Perfect Pant for any activity. From the golf course, to work, to beers with the boys, this lightweight, comfortable pant is never the wrong choice. And with nine different colors, including heathered options, versatility levels are high.

TravisMathew’s Perfect Pant is created from performance fabric that features improved softness and stretch. The casual look and lightweight feel make the Open To Close a favorite of not just Chris Pratt’s, but of professional athletes like golfers Jon Rahm and Sam Burns.

Bottom line? This is one pant you can stay in all day—or from open to close.