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Prestige 7 Series

Each piece of TravisMathew clothing is divided up into three Prestige7 Series categories-Prestige7, Prestige77, and Prestige777. In classic TravisMathew form, we’ve continued to put the utmost attention to detail in our products and fabrications, and we’ve created the Prestige7 Series to make it easier to find the products you’re looking for.

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We all have that one comfortable shirt that’s always a personal favorite. You know, the shirt that no matter what, it’s always the one you grab for. Our Prestige7 shirts will swiftly become the ones you’ll always want to wear. Each shirt is casual in design but features a premium hand feel experience, and is wrinkle resistant, so it will look great and be comfortable all day long. It’s cool, you can thank us later.

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Don’t you hate when your clothes start to lose their comfort as the day goes on? One minute you’re feeling good, and the next minute, it feels like you’re wearing a burlap sack. You can take comfort (see what we did there) in knowing that your brand-new TravisMathew shirt with Prestige77 Series fabric will never do that to you. It’s comfortable. All. Day. Long.

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You know that feeling when you’re out and about and the only thing on your mind is how sweaty you feel in the clothes you decided to wear? Not a good look my friend. That’s why we’ve created the Prestige777 Series. Each Prestige777 Series garment is made of lightweight, enhanced quick drying, and 4-way stretch material that will keep you going, even in the toughest conditions, like your next workout, or your annual review with the big cheese.

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