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TravisMathew doesn't offer discount coupons or codes. If you see references to "TravisMathew discount coupons" or "TravisMathew discount codes" on other sites, they aren't valid at However, we do offer a one-time 20% off coupon code for your initial online order when you sign up for the TravisMathew newsletter. You can sign up at the bottom of the website where it says GET 20% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER.


We do offer free shipping for TM Rewards members. To sign up and become a member today, visit: It is free to join and you’ll receive free shipping and returns on all purchases.


When we offer specials, sales or deals, they will be advertised across our social media channels or in our emails. You can follow TravisMathew on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @travismathew and you can sign up for our emails below.