Beat The Blues In New Orleans


Bayous and inlets, wild nightlife, and colorful city blocks, New Orleans is alive with flavor and good-time feelings. In May of 2018, we were lucky enough to experience the Big Easy first-hand.

As one of the jazz and blues capitals of the world, it’s not unusual to hear the sounds of Dixieland permeating the air, mingling with the mouth-watering aromas of Cajun cooking and southern delicacies. We had a great time ducking in and out of bars, immersing ourselves in the sights and sounds of New Orleans.

As we wandered through the historic streets, the city’s French roots are plain to see—but through the centuries, New Orleans has evolved, developing its own culture full of mystique.

Take Café Du Monde, for example. There’s definitely some type of magic at play in their generously sugared Beignets and café au lait. Great, now we’re all craving those little sugar bombs.

But, let’s be real. We couldn’t go to New Orleans without checking out the party scene on the nocturnal Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is set up for a good time (and trust us, good times were had).

Louisiana knows how to party almost as well as we do. We thought the match was made in heaven…or on Bourbon Street.