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Free to join! When you sign up for TravisMathew Rewards, you get points for shopping on and in-store. Plus, you get free shipping and returns just for joining.

See All Benefits

See All Benefits


Free to join! When you sign up for TravisMathew Rewards, you get points for shopping on and in-store. Plus, you get free shipping and returns just for joining.

See All Benefits

See All Benefits


Get Free
Shipping & Returns

Earn Free
Exclusive Products

Earn & Redeem
Points on Purchases


You earn points every time you shop at and TravisMathew retail stores. Those points add up to spend on anything. Redeeming your points is easy! Simply apply your points balance at checkout!

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Earn 500 Points, Get a $5 Reward

Unlock More Benefits with Each Status

PLUS Preferred Executive
Plus Preferred Executive
Feature Benefit
SPEND $0 - $499 $500 - $999 $1,000+
Points $1 = 5 Points $1 = 5 Points $1 = 5 Points
Shipping Free Ground shipping Free Ground Shipping Free 2 Day Shipping
Returns Free Returns Free Returns Free Returns
Annual Gift
Alterations Free Basic Alteration
Birthday Reward 500 Points
500 Points
500 Points
1,000 Points
1,000 Points
First to Shop Exclusive Sales
Early Access to New Product


From time to time, you deserve to be treated like a king. Make sure you sign up for TM Rewards for your chance to be true VIP royalty with TravisMathew.

Questions? We got you

We’re glad you asked. TravisMathew Rewards is our way of thanking you for being a loyal customer. For every $1.00 spent on qualifying purchases at or a TravisMathew Company Store, you will receive five (5) loyalty points. You can then use your points, which act like currency, to get savings on TM merchandise. Want the nitty gritty details? Check out the TravisMathew Rewards Terms and Conditions.The best part? TravisMathew Rewards is free to join. Participants can earn even more points by participating in various activities found on the Activities and Refer a Friend pages.This program is available to legal residents of the United States, who are at least 16 years of age or older. Once you’ve signed up for TravisMathew Rewards, checkout the Rewards Dashboard page (located in your account tab) to learn how to get started. Let’s talk about perks. As soon as you join, TravisMathew Rewards members receive free ground shipping and free returns. As an added benefit, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock new rewards as you achieve new tier statuses—such as free annual gifts, free 2-day shipping and free tailoring in retail stores.

Nope! You can sign up to be a loyalty participant at a TravisMathew retail store, which will allow you to earn and redeem points from store purchases. With that being said, you will still need a account in order to earn and redeem points for qualifying purchases online, to view your profile, and earn points for additional activities.

Once you’ve signed up for Rewards, you’ll earn points for every dollar spent at TravisMathew—both in our retail stores and online. You can also add to that point total by participating in various activities, listed on the Earn Points page in your Account Dashboard. On purchases, 5 points are awarded for each qualifying dollar spent. Points are only awarded on the net amount or subtotal – less discounts, rewards, etc., (not on taxes, shipping, or any other fees).

Purchases made at or a TravisMathew retail store are considered “qualifying purchases” and will get you those points you’re jonesing after. Just a few exclusions to be aware of: Bulk or wholesale purchases made with other discounts and/or special pricing do not qualify for loyalty points. Likewise, gift card purchases, sales tax, and shipping costs do not qualify for loyalty points. Points are only awarded for the use of a gift card, not the purchase of a gift card.

To earn points online, all you’ve gotta do is log into your account using the email address associated with your TravisMathew Rewards account. Once you’ve logged in and made a purchase on, you’ll earn those sweet, sweet Rewards points.

If you’re purchasing products at a TravisMathew retail store or through customer service, just inform the associate at the time of sale that you’re a loyalty participant to ensure your points are properly tracked with your purchase.

At this time, Rewards members can’t receive points through TravisMathew retail partners.

We’re afraid not. Existing customers will not receive credit for purchases made prior to January 6, 2020.

No, you can’t receive points on purchases made prior to your enrollment in the program. So, the moral of the story is, you just gotta sign up!

In most instances, your points should be available in your profile within forty-eight (48) hours from purchase. However, it may take up to ten (3) business days for points from eligible purchases to post to your TravisMathew Rewards Program account.

TravisMathew Rewards points act as currency to be spent at or a TravisMathew retail store. Every 100 points earned is worth a $1 reward. It’s basically free money.

No, so choose how you spend your points wisely! You must make a purchase greater than $0.01 over the total value of points amount in order to redeem it at checkout or online. The redemption of points is rounded to the nearest dollar, and do not include decimals or cents.

You bet! If you return an item, we’ll restore the points you used to purchase it. However, if you’re returning one item from an order of three, only the points used for that singular item will be returned, not the points for the entire purchase.

The value of the rewards points will be refunded to your loyalty account. No questions asked.

You can check the points in your account anytime by logging into your account, at a TravisMathew retail store, or by calling Customer Service at 1-877-969-1952. You must have at least 500 points in your account for point redemption on an order or purchase.

Not typically, but points can be removed from your account based on returned purchases or if you haven’t made a qualified purchase within a 365-day period after joining TravisMathew Rewards.

Like the best leftover steak from your favorite restaurant, all TM Points do eventually expire. But you have 365 days from the date of your last qualifying purchase before they disappear. Hey, at least they last longer than the steak.

New rewards and point earning activities will be added to the TravisMathew Rewards Program periodically. Please check the loyalty site for program updates.

We love that generosity, but we’re afraid you cannot transfer your point balance to another member. Hey, if you’re looking to do something nice, you could always buy your buddy a fresh, new polo. Just sayin’.

Free Ground and 2-day shipping promotions are only valid for shipping addresses in the United States. Standard order processing rules apply. Order by 3pm PT (6pm ET) Mon-Fri and your items will ship same day. Delivery dates at checkout are estimates and may vary slightly.

Achieve higher status within TravisMathew Rewards simply by buying more of your favorite TM gear. Once you’ve hit a specific amount within the calendar year, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next level, gaining you access to new perks and gifts.Once you accumulate $500 in net TravisMathew spending, you’ll unlock Preferred status, and with it, all its associated, glorious benefits. At $1,000 in net TravisMathew spending, the member will unlock Executive status and even more glorious benefits. A status is calculated on annual net spending by calendar year.Want to know the specifics? Learn more about the different statuses.Once you unlock a new status, we'll notify you via email so you can celebrate, or you can see real-time upgrades in your Account Dashboard. Login and click the Rewards Dashboard. You will want to sign up for emails to make sure you’re getting all the important status upgrades.

Yeah, let’s get into the good stuff. Tier status is based on the amount you purchased in the previous calendar year. Once an account advances to a new tier status, it remains at that status for the rest of the calendar year, and into the next calendar year. Rewards points earned do not count towards tier status, only dollars spent. To learn about the details of the tier qualifications, visit the TravisMathew Rewards Program page.

If you’ve qualified in your tier status as of Dec 31st, your free annual gift will be distributed in January. Preferred members and Executive Members will receive a Free Annual Gift for years in which they have achieved that tier. The choice of gift is at the sole discretion of TravisMathew.

Heck, no! We wouldn’t do you dirty like that. As a member of TravisMathew Rewards, you have free standard shipping all the time, so you won’t pay for the shipping cost of your earned tier-reward merchandise (if the item is shipped within the contiguous United States). And, if you’re part of the Executive tier status, you’ll automatically earn free 2-day shipping.

Generally, you cannot return an annual gift. However, if there is a manufacturer’s defect, please contact the TravisMathew Rewards Program Customer Service line at 1-877-969-1952, or email us at for assistance.

Sorry, no trades. Wear it like a badge of honor.

As a part of the Executive tier, you get free pants tailoring at any TravisMathew retail store. Simply ask any store sales representative for assistance and they will help you get those pants fitting to perfection.

From time to time, you deserve to be treated like a king. Make sure you sign up for TM Rewards for a chance to be true VIP royalty with TravisMathew and unlock exclusive benefits.

Please contact the TravisMathew Rewards Program Customer Service line at 1-877-969-1952 or email us at We got your back.