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How do I use TravisMathew Rewards points?

TM Points act as currency to be spent at or a TravisMathew Company Store. Every 100 points earned is worth a $1 reward.

As long as you have 500 points in your balance, you can redeem rewards points towards merchandise. The maximum amount of points available to be redeemed will be pre-populated at checkout. You can adjust how many points you would like to redeem, if your balance has above 500 points. We will allow participants to override what is pre-populated at checkout. You will only be able to override the amount to a lesser amount, but no less than $5.00. Enter the reward amount you would like to redeem at checkout and click redeem. You can use points to pay for the complete subtotal of the order. Points may be split or combined with other coupons. Please see the full Terms and Conditions for additional details.

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Do I need to have a account to participate in the Travismathew Rewards Program?

No. You can sign up to be a loyalty participant at a TravisMathew Company Store, which will allow you to earn and redeem points from store purchases. However, you will still need a account in order to earn and redeem points for qualifying purchases online, view your profile and earn points for other activities.

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How do I receive TravisMathew Rewards points online?

In order to receive TravisMathew Rewards points online, you must be logged into your TravisMathew Rewards account and make a qualifying purchase on our website.

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How do I unsubscribe from TravisMathew marketing emails?

You may opt-out of receiving TravisMathew marketing emails at any time by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link in the email to manage your preferences. You can choose to unsubscribe from all emails or elect to only receive loyalty emails: communications concerning your membership account and other service-related communications. You can find more information by visiting the TravisMathew Rewards Program Terms & Conditions and the TravisMathew Privacy Policy.

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How do I cancel my TravisMathew Rewards participation?

We hate to see you go, but if you want to cancel your participation, please contact the TravisMathew Program Customer Service line at 1-877-969-1952 to be removed from the program. You can also go to your account dashboard and click on delete.

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How can I join the TravisMathew Rewards Program?

You can join the TravisMathew Rewards Program by signing up online here, or by visiting a TravisMathew Company Retail store. Participants must be sixteen (16) years or older to join the program. The program is only available to residents of the United States.

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What does TravisMathew do with the information I provide?

Please see TravisMathew’s Privacy Policy for details.

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How can I obtain different statuses in the TravisMathew Rewards Program?

Once a member spends $500 in net TravisMathew spend, the member will unlock Preferred status and its associated benefits. At $1,000 in net TravisMathew spend, the member will unlock Executive status and its associated benefits. A status is calculated on annual net spend by calendar year. Learn more about the different statuses. Once you unlock a new status, we'll notify you via email, or you can see real-time upgrades in your account dashboard. Login and click the rewards dashboard. Make sure to sign up for email to ensure you receive these important messages about your rewards account.

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How do I receive my free tailoring reward?

As a part of the Executive tier, you get free tailoring of our pants at any TravisMathew Company retail store. Simply ask any store sales representative for assistance and they will help you get your pants tailored.

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What happens if TravisMathew cannot fulfill my order and reward points were used?

The value of the rewards points will be refunded to your loyalty account.

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